4Our company has high qualified personnel, and owns productions shops with proper equipment ( tools machine, gauges, warehouses, etc.).
As a result of the long experience accumulated in time, S.C. TURBOCOM E.C. S.R.L. offers:

1. Assembling and repairs of mechanical and electrical equipment from power plants:
– steam turbines from 1MW to 600MW. – electrical generators for steam turbines.
– heat exchangers. – water feed pumps, condensation and circulation pumps.
– technological circuits for steam, water and oil, in vacuum or condensed.
– equipment and electrical circuits for power, control and protection.
– assembling of protections and control of installations for turbo units.
– montaj instalatii de reglaj si protectie pentru turboagregat.

2. Assembling and repairs of technological equipment for chemical and petrochemical industry:
– process turbocompressors.
– steam turbines for turbocompressors.
– electrical engines for compressors.
– compressors with different types of pistons.

3. Electrical generators with Diesel engines, and auxiliary installation.

4. Mechanical rehabilitation and rewinding of AC and DC electrical engines with powers up to 7MW.

5. Mechanical rehabilitation and rewinding of electrical transformers of any type and power.

6. Mechanical rehabilitation and rewinding electrical generators for power up to 50MW.

7. Assemblages and repairs of hydro turbines and their components.

8. Spare parts for power plants.

8.1. Steam turbines.
– casting of radial and axial bearings.
– labyrinths and seal rings for stators and rotors lighteninig.
– components of control and protection system.
– assembly parts and coupling bolts.
– electrical resistance and transformers for assembly and disassemble.
– closing and distribution steam parts.
– seal gasket of different types.

8.2. Hydroturbines
– turnarea lagarelor axiale si radiale.
– piese de schimb pentru admisia apei.
– piese de schimb pentru actionari mecanice.
– palete rotorice si statorice.

8.3. Turbocompressors and compressors of different types.
– casting of radial and axial bearings.
– manufacturing and assembly of seal labyrinths.

8.4. Different types of water pumps.
– shafts and couplings, sealing rings.
– clamping, sealing sleeves.
– shafts and seal parts.
– equilibration devices

9. Repairs of closing, control and security device activities.

10. Technical assistance and consultancy for all listed.
turbinaaksr2Our company covers an entire range of jobs in the machine room of thermo-electric power stations.

Turbina AKSR 6MW
Turbine equipped with rotating boosters, control value and KSR6MW over pressure alarm values.

Ensemble of front casing equipped with principal oil pump, speed regulator, hydraulic tripping device suprasaturation tripping modernized introducing special measurements and remote tripping.
Within steam turbines repaires.

At bodies:
– the sealing surfaces from horizontal separation plane are remade.
– the interior reamings are remade.
– the sightening system are changed
– the screwed holes are rectified.
– are remote support points and orientation wedges.
– the stators pieces are centered.
– the bodies are balanced dynamometrized.
– contact is established between support feet and base plates.
– the bolts of separation planes are heat tightened.
– equilibration of rotors.
– restoration of rotors pieces.
piesedeschimbSpare parts
Within turbocompressors repairs:
– casting of bearings
– equilibration of rotors
– pressing of rotors labyrinth fins
– installation of shaft lines and pressure transmitter’s gear.

See table
S.C. TURBOCOM E.C. S.R.L. executes assembly, repairs and rehabilitation’s of electric generators:

– site assembling;
– repairs and replacement of used pieces:
– sleeve;
– sealing bearings;
– rotors and stators winding;
– assembly of auxiliary circuits of generators
– design and assembly of protection and automatization equipment.


Our company fixes (manufactures) wound and shortcircuit rotor asynchronous motors. The manufactured motors have the power range from 0,1 KW up to 10MW and the number of revolutions is between 300 and 3000 rpm.

See table


The synchronus motors repaired by our company are designed for general driving in the area of processing industry, siderurgy and cement industry. The power motors is from 1 MW to 10 MW.